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  • Mr. Rajeev Malaviya,
    Planet Ford, Pune.

Our problems with earlier email system related to timely delivery of email and manageability of the email system have disappeared with Mithi's solution. Now the email works just fine and our users have no problems accessing their mails even on mobile phones.
  • Mr. Tarkeshwar Gupta
    T&T Motors Ltd.

No other vendor’s Email solution provided a mail policy solution. I got almost all the policies from the Mithi solution (SkyConnect) with very good and timely support. So I thank the Mithi team for the features and support.
  • Ms. Kanchan Pant
    Sharada Industries.

The key difference between Mithi and other email solution vendors was that while all other vendors had offered a standard, the Mithi team actually took efforts to understand where we came from and worked in tandem with my team to design the best solution which met our technical & financial expectations.
  • Mr. Bhavesh Patel
    Vice President - IT,

Mithi has provided Motif a reliable platform which offers tight integration of open source components to offer an end-to-end solution for messaging needs, and has addressed all our security requirements. Mithi SkyConnect is perfect for an enterprise that is cost conscious and also needs high performance, high availability, comprehensive security and ease of integration. You don’t need to look beyond Mithi.
  • Mr. Vishwas Pawar
    Manager, Corporate IT,
    Mahindra & Mahindra

With Mithi solution ported onto the cloud now, it has become even more manageable, cost-effective and scalable to accommodate future growth.
  • Harbinder Saini
    Ffreedom Financial Planners

The SkyConnect collaboration platform is a key component of FIINFRA's Infrastructure offering to IFAs & Distributors. Mithi SkyConnect has enabled seamless & highly secured collaboration across all channels & devices covering mobile, tablet & desktops between our key users - service team, IFA/partners & clients. It has been a perfect fit for us and has provided a new benchmark with its open source offerings & integration capabilities

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