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With Mithi SkyConnect, the business email & team communication solution hosted on the AWS cloud and providing a choice of data residency, government organizations can safely and reliably leverage these SLA backed email services to serve their public well, without any hardware, management or maintenance at their end.

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Safe Mail for Email, Chat, Notifications, Alerts, and Scheduling


Price fixed for a 3-year contract
Additional Storage at ₹ 260 /GB/Year*
Pay annually in advance
(*Inclusive of Taxes)

Key Capabilities

  • Business-class email on Web, Desktop, and Mobiles.
  • No compromise security - encryption, DLP, mail policies, access control, etc.
  • Contacts, Calendar, Instant messaging on Web, Desktop, and Mobiles.
  • SLA-backed guarantees on performance and availability.
  • Storage 5 GB per user, added to a cumulative pool.
  • 24/7 support via phone, email.
SkyConnect for Secure and Reliable Email Services

Secure. Reliable. Scalable.

Efficient Email Communication

Efficient Email Communication

Email is an official form of communication and discussion. All external, intra and inter department email communication of government agencies may contain citizen data, confidential proposals, project plans, policies, and more.

The recent GRs by state governments and mandates by central governments instruct government agencies to leverage the flexibility, reliability, scalability and security of cloud services with data residency within the country.
Secure Enterprise Grade Instant Messaging and Chat for Recorded Synchronous Conversations

Secure Enterprise Grade Instant Messaging and Chat for Recorded Synchronous Conversations

Leverage the ease and power of instant messaging and chat to have discovery conversations, status updates, feedback/review conversations and more via web, desktop & mobile. All conversations are recorded via an email to participants for maintaining archives and preserving the official nature of these conversations.
Scheduling to Improve Productivity & Increase Accountability

Scheduling to Improve Productivity & Increase Accountability

Using tasks, events and meetings, government agencies can accurately coordinate the effort of their internal and external teams to deliver on specified projects and outcomes on time and on target. Having access to these tools digitally with an audit trail tracking the schedules, improves productivity and increases accountability within the government staff.
Non-Repudiable Official Notifications and Alerts

Non-Repudiable Official Notifications and Alerts

Since email is an official mode of communication, all notifications and alerts by government bodies can be sent on email instead of paper, to improve productivity and control costs, while maintaining a digital trail confirming receipt of the email by the recipients (non-repudiable).

Why SkyConnect is a Good Fit for Governments?

Data Residency

Mithi’s SkyConnect offers you a choice of region for storing your data, ensuring that you can comply with the data residency regulations of governments.

Reduced IT Costs

Mithi’s SkyConnect is offered as a fully managed SaaS, which implies Zero hardware at your end, Zero management and Zero maintenance from your teams.

Business Continuity

By having all your email data stored in a central highly durable storage on the cloud, SkyConnect can help eliminate the impact of email outages to maintain productivity.

Multi-Layered Security

SkyConnect is configured with tight security at multiple layers of the stack to ensure that your sensitive data stored on our platform is encrypted, immutable and tamper proof.

Privacy Guaranteed

SkyConnect has been designed to ensure customer data privacy in the multitenant SaaS setup. For highly sensitive customers, SkyConnect can also be offered as a dedicated private setup on the cloud.

No Vendor Locking

SkyConnect is built on the premise that we are the custodians of your data and not the owners. Processes and tools specially designed to prevent vendor lock in, are in place to allow you to extract all your data when required.
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