March 23, 2017

Sometimes we need to send mails to the 200-300 recipients in one shot. In our system, how can that sender id be prevented from being blacklisted for spam.

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Mithi SkyConnect is SPAM intolerant. Every mail incoming and  outgoing is scanned by our clean mail service (SecureMailflow) and only clean mail are allowed in or out. Due to this the system never allows to  relay spam and hence always maintains a very high reputation for its IP  addresses.

We have very large customers hosted on this setup who  routinely send mail shots to their mailing lists. To put it simply, a  user can send his quota of allowed mail in a day, and as long as the  mail are clean, there is less likelihood of that ID being blacklisted by  the receiving systems as a spammer. For outbound mail, we configure best practice DNS records like SPF to ensure that the reputation of the domain is high.


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