March 23, 2017

What processes and tools are in place to detect and remedy vulnerabilities?

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Mithi  scans the setup using open source vulnerability scanners once a quarter  and plans the changes required to mitigate the high and medium risks on  priority. The solutions are also documented in a central vulnerability  mitigation document for future reference (maybe by our enterprise  customers who deploy servers in premise). If the vulnerability requires a  product fix or an enhancement in the components/OS a request is raised  with the product team. Depending on the rick level, they may choose to  release a patch, or incorporate the fix in the next release or any  subsequent release. Typically high risk vulnerabilities are sorted out  within 60-90 days. In addition, our in premise customers (especially the large and medium  size ones) regularly audit their Connect Xf setups via third party  security auditors. Since the base application is the same on our in  premise deployments and Mithi SkyConnect deployments, these reports are  also used to fix the common vulnerabilities they report.

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