March 23, 2017

What measures has Mithi put in place to prevent data leakage?

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The servers deploy a comprehensive security framework provided by SkyConnect. This ensures that nobody can access  the data  (configuration or mail data) without authentication and  authorization  and only through access protocols. The weak link in the  data access is  the password, which can be kept strong and current with  password  policies in SkyConnect (Minimum password length, password  complexity,  and password expiry). For further details, read the topic Mithi SkyConnect SLA: Security considerations for the hosted servers

Other aspects are inadvertent data leakage like

  • Sending confidential information to personal email ids.
  • This can be prevented by deploying strong mail policies and disallowing transmission to specific email ids or domains
  • Human   error while composing mail and typing the wrong id (auto complete   without reviewing the email id before sending, is a common cause of  this  error)
  • Abuse of System access and privileges

For   effective DLP (Data Loss Prevention), a healthy combination of   technology, process and policy must be in place.

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