March 23, 2017

Is my data segregated from other customers data? What mechanisms are in place to prevent My data from being exposed to other customers/ parties?

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Yes,  the data is logically separate from the data of other customers. Each Organization who is our customer, has a set of email domains which  contain the entities like Users, Groups, Mail policies,etc. The  basic method used to segregate access across customer data also within a  customer to the individual user is called Authentication and  Authorization.
In the system, we create a restricted role for each  organization, which allows access only to the data pertaining to the  organization. This role is now connected to the administrators of the  customer. Once they sign into the Application manager (administration  console), they will get a restricted view of the entire data set (that  which pertains to them). This is what we call authorization. Similarly a role governs the use by each user, that restricts them to access only their own data.
So  once a user signs in (authenticates), the access is governed by roles  (policies) that authorizes them to access only relevant information.

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