March 24, 2017

Whether we have to make payment for 100 users at one go or is it on a pro-rata basis?

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If  you exceed the currently purchased number of users, you would need to  buy additional user subscription for the excess. In case you exceed this  somewhere in the middle of your subscription, you may purchase  additional user subscription and we will charge you on a pro-rata basis  to the end of the subscription.

E.g. You start with 50 users in January  and you pay for 50 users upto December. Subscription is for 1 year. In  July if you need an additional 50 users, you will pay only for 6 months  for these additional 50 users on a prorate basis. In January next, the  subscription is renewed for a total of 100 users. We follow this scheme  to allow you purchase only when you need and pay for only what you use.  Additionally it helps to manage the billing cycle more easily.

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