March 24, 2017

I am using the Endurance solution with an in premise mail archival server, can I shutdown the server every night?

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The  in premise mail archival server (for the Endurance subscription) is the  landing point for all archived mail from the Mithi SkyConnect service  on the cloud and if this is switched off the archived mail will be held  in the queue on the cloud servers for the defined queue life time. While  technically it doesn’t matter if the server is switched off for a  while, we still recommend that this server/facility be designed to keep  this server running 24/7 for the following reasons:

  1. All  the Automatic Maintenance jobs like Backup, Clearing old data, Log  Rotation, etc of the server happens in non production hours. If the  server is off during these hours, these jobs will not execute and will  result in an unstable server environment.
  2. The  archived mails from the Mithi SkyConnect service will get stuck in the  queues of the Cloud servers, if internal server is switched off. Once  the server is powered on, these queues may need a flush manually to  expedite their clearing, impacting the bandwidth during this period due  to the rush of piled up mail.
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