March 24, 2017

What is Mithi SkyConnect?

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Mithi SkyConnect, an integrated collaboration suite, served off the AWS cloud is designed to provide Secure, Reliable and Real time collaboration for enterprises over multiple communication channels and is helping over 500000 business users globally including companies like IPCA (Pharma), Mahindra and Mahindra, Gini and Jony, etc, to reduce costs and improve their responsiveness as an enterprise. The Service is based on a shared multi tenant model.

From a Productivity perspective, besides Secure Enterprise Email, Contact management and Calendaring, the suite includes a secure chat/IM app specially designed for Business users and a Video conferencing & screen sharing app, that can cut meetings and travel. The service is accessible from a wide range of popular browsers, mobile devices & desktop apps over open and standard protocols.

From a Security perspective, the service boasts of a multi layered security framework, which adds on to the security framework provided by AWS to secure the infrastructure components. This framework includes but is not limited to, service level authentication and authorization controls, Identity and Access management controls, Vaultastic (Mail archival for recovery, discovery and compliance) to secure a copy of every mail sent and received, Flow rate controls to protect against crippling DDOS attacks, SSL to secure the network traffic and Secure Mail Flow at the periphery to clean inbound mail and route outbound mail to the external domains.

From a Performance and Reliability/Availability perspective, the service guarantees an uptime of 99.9% based on an architecture developed on best practices for the cloud and from our years of experience of developing and deploying large collaboration setups in premise on SkyConnect. The infrastructure components are best of breed and and come with built in redundancies and performance guarantees. A 24/7 monitoring outfit of the infrastructure using automated tools and a round the clock dedicated NOC team, which continually scans the data provided by the monitoring system, helps ensure uptime. The Application plays a big role in this with mature scalable engines to process information and with circuit breaker mechanisms built in to ensure uptime.

Users and customer administrators connect to the service over SLL via the Edge servers to manage and consume the services.

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