March 24, 2017

How does Mithi SkyConnect address complaints of “Mails not getting delivered at all”?

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This is not normal in a well configured and well resourced system.
However, in case there is are complaints of mail loss, you would need to raise a ticket with our helpdesk with all the possible details like sender email id, recipient email id,  subject if possible, etc, who will trace the same transaction from the  logs to present the facts as a report. Note that this is possible to do  only for the number of days of retention of the logs (which is 30 days  for Startup Email) and only within the perimeter of the SkyConnect setup, i.e. if the complaint is that the mail was sent to an external  recipient but did not reach, we can confirm that the mail was indeed  delivered to the recipients MX landing point, but cannot provide details  beyond that point.

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