March 24, 2017

If an employee leaves the organization and the manager needs the access to his e-mail, how can he do that?

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There are essentially two types of mail access by end users and thus two basic ways to get at his mail after he leaves.

  1. Via POP  in which the user will download mail from the server on to his client,  and then he is free to work with his mail the way he likes. The mail  will be typically be stored in a PST file (for MS Outlook) or an mbox  structure for Thunderbird, or the local format of any other chosen email  client. In this scenario, there is normally no mail left on the server.
    After  an employee leaves, the only option you have is to access the  employee’s PC and save the local mail files (PST file, mbox or whatever  format). These can then be imported into another user’s desktop client  so that user can get access to these mail.
    The limitation with this  approach is that, it is quite likely that you may not get much/all mail  from the user’s PC, since it depends on the actions taken by user to  manage his mail. Also we have observed that when employees leave, they  delete all their mail and go. Lets not forget the operational  difficulties for the administrator in this approach.
  2. Via IMAP,  in which the user will connect via MS Outlook, Thunderbird of any other  client which supports IMAP. In this scenario, the mail resides on the  server and the client only caches a copy to the local PC. This cached  copy is also stored in a PST (MS Outlook), mbox (Thunderbird) or  whatever local store format depending on the chosen client.
    After an  employee leaves, you can get complete access to the mailbox from the  server itself. The mail can then be copied to another active user’s  mailbox in another folder.
    However, this approach suffers the same  limitation as the one described above for POP. The content of the  mailbox depends on how the employee left it.

SkyConnect’s Personal Archival  is the only way to get a complete handle on an employee’s unaltered  mailbox state. Using this approach, we configure personal archival for  all employees so that a copy of every mail sent and received by the  employees is deposited into the corresponding personal archive account  of that employee and that account is read only. The mail in these  archive accounts are retained for the specified duration (typically a  year or more). If an employee leaves, no matter what is the state of his  live mailbox at that point, you can get complete access to every mail  sent/received via the employee’s archive account.
You now have the  option to provide complete access to the employee’s archive account to  another active user or else copy all the mail from the archive account  to a personal folder of active user’s mailbox.

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