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Getting Started with SkyConnect

Thank you for choosing Mithi SkyConnect for your collaboration needs!

The SkyConnect servers have been provisioned with your domain. Just a few more steps and all your users can start enjoying the new platform. The table below gives you a step by step guide on getting started.

Step No. Description
Step 1 Understand the system requirements for all the collaboration apps which are included in Mithi SkyConnect.
Step 2 Get familiar with the End user collaboration applications.

Learn how to use the web client Baya or access the applications using your mobile or favorite desktop applications.

Step 3 Get familiar with the Administrative applications to manage your domain and users on it.
Step 4 Discuss the Data migration and User on-boarding strategy with the Mithi Customer Care team.
Step 5 Discuss the Co-existence and Application integration strategy with the Mithi Customer Care team.
Step 6 Go Live