Improve Productivity, Save Cost, Gain Control

Workplace Productivity through Effective Collaboration

Make faster decisions with 1:1 and group chat

The accelerating pace at which businesses now perform, makes faster and informed decisions one of the most important traits of a successful team. Mithi SkyConnect's 1:1 and Group Chat features lets you and your teams make swift business decisions.

Save on travel cost and time using video meetings

Do you know how much companies spend of their total annual budget on expenses related to business travel? Over 10%! Travelling for face to face meetings can be an expensive proposition and leads to loss of many a productive hours. You can use the Personal Video Conferencing feature in SkyConnect to cut down your travel costs.

Anytime, anywhere access

91% consumers indicated that access to content across all devices was important.

In today's anytime anywhere digital economy, discussions and decisions are often made on the go. Which is why it is necessary that you access to your team and important information not just from your desktop but also from your mobile device. SkyConnect supports popular devices to help you stay connected with your team.

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