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Email Security gateway for SkyConnect upgraded

We are happy to announce the upgrade of the email security gateway for SkyConnect.

As a result, we just got better at keeping your network free of email borne Spam, Virus, ransomware and malware.

All our customers will automatically receive this upgrade 

The current Email security gateway of SkyConnect is replaced with this new email gateway security system.

In addition, the new service provides a guarantee covering 5 parameters viz. Spam detection, Virus detection, False positive rate, Availability and Mail Latency.

Thus, this upgrade will offer a hands free Spam, Virus, malware and ransomware experience with cleaner inboxes.

Working of the Email Security Gateway – SecureMailFlow

Working of the Email Security Gateway – SecureMailFlow

The new email gateway service sits in the inbound and outbound mail flow path of SkyConnect.

Thus, it ensures that every mail that you receive from the Internet is scanned for spam, virus, malware and ransomware.

Any mail detected as a spam/virus is either rejected or quarantined into a separate storage per domain. This is based on the rules and policies defined in the SecureMailFlow service.

The users receive a daily digest report about quarantined email. This is sent once or multiple times a day.

As a consequence, via this report, the users can release any email they find as a false positive (valid mail falsely marked as a spam).

Empowering the user with managing their own spam, frees up your IT team to focus on core business issues. 

Data Leak prevention capabilities are enabled for your organisation by this upgrade. 

You can intercept, modify and monitor email containing sensitive or private information using the DLP technology in the new SecureMailFlow engine.

Aadhar, PAN card, credit card, mobile numbers, PII (Personally identifiable information), and more constitute sensitive/private information.

Here is a detailed look at the security framework of SkyConnect and how the new upgrade impacts the overall security.



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