Trend Micro Now Protects All Mithi SkyConnect Emails from Malware and Ransomware

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Trend Micro Now Protects All Mithi SkyConnect Emails from Malware and Ransomware

Email remains the primary platform for enterprise communications – and also the #1 way malware enters your organization. Mithi recently partnered with award winning Trend Micro, the global leader in email security, in line with our continued commitment to offering the highest standards for email security. The tie-up especially addresses the rising menace of Phishing and Ransomware.

It adds to the multi-level security already present in SkyConnect as part of this offering. Trend Micro Email security also forms part of the ClrStream, a standalone email security service offered by Mithi for any mailing system.

Here’s a brief summary of the system and a quick performance report of Trend Micro upgrade on SkyConnect.

Why we selected Trend Micro’s Hosted Email Security (HES)?

Trend Micro HES provides world-class multi-layered email scanning technologies to prevent spam and viruses from entering your network. The Smart Protection Network scans, correlates and filters over 16 billion website URLs, email sources, and files on a daily basis to stop emerging threats in real-time and continuously improves protection against existing known threats. It provides 100% service availability with one minute of mail delivery latency. Source: TrendMicro HES

Hosted Email Security (HES) provides a guarantee on performance and reliability covering five parameters viz., Spam Detection, Virus Detection, False Positive Rate, Availability and Latency. HES not only detects and blocks ransomware but also protects you from advanced threats such as zero-day virus and document exploits. It uses web reputation to protect against web links in malicious mails. The best part is the system also allows end users to manage the spam quarantine, thus taking significant load off the IT staff.

Trend Micro HES protects against spear phishing and advanced targeted attacks through advanced detection engines, enhanced cloud-based threat analysis to block highly targeted email attacks using exploit detection and sandboxing. In addition, it protects from Business Email Compromise (BEC), a popular new phishing technique mainly using executive spoofing.

By stopping malware before it enters your collaboration system, the life of your existing infrastructure is extended. This lowers the costs associated with your network, your mail server, and your current email security product. All the Trend Micro data centers are covered by privacy policies meeting the most stringent certifications, including ISO 27001 and SAS 70 Type II. Source: TrendMicro HES

How our customers are benefiting from it?

Ever since we commissioned Trend Micro HES for our SkyConnect customers last July, there has been no downtime and we have seen some impressive results:

  • Average emails received each month: 20,695,177
  • False positive ratio: 0.0002
  • Threats blocked: 14,679,797
  • Ransomware: 427,134
  • Spam Protection: 275,888 emails blocked
  • Mails accepted: 6,013,484
  • % Blocked: 70.94%

About SkyConnect and ClearStream

SkyConnect cloud email service and ClearStream peripheral email security service are delivered off the secure AWS platform with guaranteed performance and uptime metrics.


Despite an unprecedented rise in malware in recent times, our commitment is to provide an advanced email security solution as the first line of defense that eliminates targeted attacks, ransomware or advanced persistent threats (APTs) which lets our customers enjoy an uninterrupted collaboration experience.

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