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An email login page showing up to date news, resources and events about the company can drive user engagement.

However, if your organization is using Baya 4 (responsive web client) sparingly, learn how Baya 4 can mitigate one of the not so obvious risks of working remotely.

Email access using web client on the rise

A large percentage of users of Mithi’s Skyconnect cloud email platform, typically use the responsive web client Baya 4 to access their mailbox.

The usage data from our cloud platform suggests that more than 60% of users use the web client to access their mailbox.

And to add to this large usage, an average person checks their email 15 times a day. This frequent use means users need to login to their email account multiple times a day. 

Your email login page is valuable real estate

This need to login frequently indicates a large number of footfalls on your company’s Baya 4 login page.

Thus, every time your user lands on the page, its an opportunity for you to get the attention of your users. You can grab their focus by sharing relevant information, news, best practices, guides/tutorials, policies, and more.

We just made it very easy to customize your email login page

Many of you have been asking for an easy way to customize the email login page and maintain it current.

Since you asked, we responded.

We just simplified the process of customizing your home page with three easy steps and no coding required.

  1. Add security measures to your login page.
  2. Set your background image or color to match your organization’s color themes.
  3. Publish relevant resources in four frames surrounding the login form, to engage and educate users.
Mithi SkyConnect email login page customized to educate users and re-enforce the company brand - sample
A sample customised email login page

Why should you customize your email login page?


Establish a space for announcements and engage your users with meaningful and relevant content, right where it matters. 


Re-enforce your brand by using your corporate color themes, logos, and messages.


Educate your users with links to relevant guides, tutorials, videos.

Stay Relevant: 

Change messages as often as you like to stay relevant to the current situation.

Customise your Baya 4 login page now

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