Live Case Study: How FFreedom achieved Better adviser productivity with Mithi SkyConnect

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Live Case Study: How FFreedom achieved Better adviser productivity with Mithi SkyConnect

With the objective of making the advisers, selling financial products, better equipped to establish trust and assist the customer with their financial planning, Mithi’s customer FIINFRA (Ffreedom Intermediary Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd.) has created a suite of applications that includes a adviser portal and a set of financial planning tools to assist the Advisers in delivering superior financial advice to their customers.

FIINFRA needed to integrate a ready suite of Security and Collaboration Applications like email, chat, Attachment capture and record, etc with their adviser portal to enable the Advisers to establish a high touch engagement with their customers.

The Team at FIINFRA, after having experienced the benefits of using Mithi SkyConnect earlier, decided to integrate the suite of Collaboration Applications from Mithi SkyConnect into their adviser portal, to provide a seamless look and feel, while allowing Mithi to host and maintain the collaboration application work load away from their data center.

“The Mithi SkyConnect collaboration platform constitutes a key component of FIINFRA’s Infrastructure offering to IFAs and Distributors. SkyConnect has enabled seamless and highly secured collaboration across all channels and devices covering mobile, tablet and desktops between our key users – service team, IFA/partners and clients. It has been a perfect fit for our enterprise wide collaboration and Mithi SkyConnect has provided a new benchmark with its open source offerings and integration capabilities.”

– Harbinder Saini,
CTO, Ffreedom Financial Planners

Due to this integration, some of the top benefits experienced by FIINFRA and their users are:

  • Better adviser productivity – Enables the IFA to handle more number of clients, while ensuring that the communication, reports etc. keeps flowing to their clients (by the system).
  • Improved net customer experience due to Improved responsiveness in serving the customer requests.
  • Saves a lot of time and money in travel and fixing up face to face meetings.
  • Post-sales automation – upload transactions, portfolio reports.

The FIINFRA team is now free to focus on what they do best – work on and improve the adviser portal, while Mithi focuses on delivering a great collaboration experience from Mithi SkyConnect.

Download and Read the full case study here…

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