How does a cloud email platform guarantee mail deliverability?

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Its a question often asked by some of our In premise customers or prospective buyers, when they consider moving to our cloud email platform. The presence of this question indicates that they are facing mail delivery/loss issues on their current platform.

Stated simply, our cloud email platform, Mithi SkyConnect is enterprise carrier grade, maintained 24/7 using industry best practices, regularly upgraded and patched and uses the best of breed components anywhere in the world. This cannot be said, with confidence, of most in premise systems, which are mostly bare metal, do not adhere to the best practice guidelines to deploy an enterprise grade email platform and are ill maintained. E.g. many in premise systems may not deploy redundancies on the servers or components or may not be monitored 24/7.

Having said that, lets dive deeper to see how we live this promise via our cloud platform, Mithi SkyConnect.

An Email system like Mithi SkyConnect is a complex interconnection of several components, notably:

  1. The Email security gateway at the periphery, which accepts inbound mail and routes outbound mail.
  2. The Mail Transfer Agent (MTA), which sits between the email security gateway at the periphery and the mail delivery servers and the job is to queue and route mail and locally deliver mail into the storage.
  3. The Mail server, which is responsible for serving the mail accounts to the users over standard protocols.
  4. The Front end servers, which provide the users with access to their mailboxes.
  5. The Storage system, which has the mail store.
  6. The email archiving system, to retain a copy of every mail sent and received.

To ensure high service and data reliability, high performance and high availability of Mithi SkyConnect, our cloud email service, we have ensured the following:

  1. Best of breed components and platforms such as the AWS cloud platform, which offers us scale, reliability, flexibility and performance, Trend Micro HES, which secures the email system periphery, class leading open source components which drive the basic services of the application, and ConnectXf our mature, rich and heat treated over time email platform.
  2. Redundancies at all layers to ensure near 100% data and service reliability. No compromise here.
  3. Highly available storage, configured to promise 11 9’s of durability and infinite on-the-run scalability (expand without downtime)
  4. Best practice security configurations, which include recommended email archival to tackle cases of accidental email deletion, tampering, and total loss of mailbox, to ensure data and service security.
  5. A very robust, time tested and mature Application platform from Mithi, which has been driving the email platforms of medium to large customers under very trying conditions. Some of our largest customers have mailboxes over 50K on a single domain and we handle this with ease.

Once all the above are in place, we have pretty much ensured that the entire flow of the email through the system is secured and traceable. This means that once a mail enters our system, its nearly impossible to lose it. Multiple queues, redundant delivery paths, and a transaction oriented flow architecture ensure 100% delivery rates. We are confident of being able to trace any mail from the entry to the delivery, within our system.

There are however, 2 exceptions, where we have no direct visibility on the email flow:

If a mail is rejected at the periphery, without entering our system, typically due to very weak or poor reputation of the sender


If a mail never reaches our setup/servers due to some error in the addressing or DNS, then we cannot really trace such mail.

Similarly on the outbound path, if our logs indicate the mail has been delivered to the recipient mail system, we cant trace the mail beyond that point.

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