5 Ways Video Chat Impacts Enterprise Productivity

Communication plays a central role in the daily running of a business. With the evolution of technology, video conferencing is rapidly gaining acceptance across all sectors and sizes of businesses.

With a rapidly changing business environment opening up many new opportunities for start-ups and small businesses in India, use of digital technology to improve the speed and scale of operations is fast becoming a necessity.

For the nearly 48.8 million small and medium-size businesses in India, video telephony offers a great cost effective opportunity to improve operational efficiencies.

Since it’s introduction in 1982, video conferencing technology has advanced significantly driven by innovation and changing

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Making things better at the workplace through Baya’s Video Conferencing feature

The last release of Connect Xf 3.18, launched the new Video calling and Multi party video conferencing facility (in Beta currently), from right within the browser. This allows the user to simply dial a colleague from the roster and have a audio/video chat with him/her and also add multiple people into the call to have an audio video conference with them. To join the call, a person only needs access to a browser and a web camera (easily available on most devices today). More details about the Audio video chat feature can be seen here. We did a little study internally within Mithi and
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Introducing the new Baya Video Chat

So that your work gets done faster we build our product with one philosophy

–”Enable our users to do more in less time.”

That’s what we did when we added a text chat next to your work email. Quick discussions and status updates became just a ping away and writing emails for such small stuff, a thing of the past. By adding history in your text chat, things became more interesting. Recollecting what was discussed in the previous meeting was just a scroll up away. Suddenly those unmanageable and untraceable chains of emails vanished!

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