Businesses are racing against each other to build a digital workplace, to gain efficiency, to gain visibility and control, to enable digital transformation (manage change).
But, Often, employees could be using a combination of public and private means for business communication, running multiple risks, on maintaining data privacy, compliance and security.
Concerns with Email Systems
Stay Assured with Skyconnect
Adaptive Mail Routing
Adaptive Mail Routing guarantees consistent performance across different load conditions.
Auto Scale
SkyConnect is designed to exploit the AutoScale capabilities of the AWS cloud platform to adjust to growth and variations in load factor.
Built-in Disaster Recovery
Built-in Redundancy and Supervisory Process ensure quick recovery from any breakdown.
Multi Layered Security Architecture
Built-in and Continuously improving security architecture
Add-on Compliance Support Capability
Tamper proof and Discoverable Archival Stores for Compliance Readiness
Compliance with Key Security Standards
Built on an Architecture that complies with Key Security Standards
Open Architecture
Built on Open Data Standards and an Open Architecture for easy extension and Integration
No Data Lock-in
Assured Data Compatibility and Portability
Zero Maintenance
Fully managed SaaS, which implies Zero hardware at your end, Zero management and Zero maintenance.
Feature Highlights
A secure, reliable, and elastic cloud email platform for uninterrupted
business communication.
99%+ Spam blocking, Virus blocking, Protection against ransom ware, Protection against phishing and malware
99.9999999% data durability, Built in Site redundancy for DR, Auto-monitoring and recovery
On demand infra, services which can concurrently cater to millions of requests, virtually unlimited storage, large mailboxes, heavy mail flow

Compatible with popular productivity apps, business applications, directories and mail servers.
Accessible via apps and browsers on desktop and mobile devices.
Integration & User Management
Open Standards & APIs based interface to integrate collaboration features with business apps.

Complete Life Cycle Support
Solution Consulting, Free Trial, Automated Provisioning and Data Migration, Auto Monitoring and Scaling, Online Support and Ticketing.
Automated updates and upgrades, DIY Application Configuration, Management and Data Recovery.
Flexible Subscription Plans
Multiple System Configurations, Pay as you use
Reduce Risk, Gain Agility, Optimise Cost across the
life cycle of your Digital Communication System.
As your use of digital collaboration grows, you encounter new challenges in data
management, security and productivity. We can help.
Vaultastic : Data Management platform for enhanced data protection; compliance readiness and improved access. LegacyFlo : Email Data Migration to low cost cloud storage or Data Management platform. Automatic. Reliable. Scalable. SkyConnect: Hybrid and stand alone email solutions to improve perforamance and optimise costs. Clrstream: Enhance security & provide disaster recovery cover for uninterrupted business. Ideolve: Move to Team Collaboration for Improved Visibility, and Quicker Response. Increasing Security Concerns and Security limitations of the Existing Business Email System. Growing Costs and/or performance Concerns of the Existing Business Email System. Growing data volume and data protection risks. Increased compliance and data management risks. Drop in Team Productivity due to Cluttered Email Inboxes. Inability respond or collaborate rapidly and effectively on critical tasks and initiatives.
Data Protection. Data Management. Data Migration. Email Communication. Team Collaboration.
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Cross Platform Email Data Protection, Management & Compliance

Archival, Backup Automation, EDiscovery & Compliance for Office 365, GSuite, Zimbra, Exchange, Salesforce and others

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Email Data Migration Automatic, Reliable and Scalable

LegacyFlo lets you Migrate emails data quickly, securely and easily with Zero data loss or business disruption.

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Secure, Dependable, Adaptable Email for Every Enterprise

Cloud and Hybrid options for Email, Chat, Calendar and Tasks for productive team work

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Team Collaboration for Tasks, Initiative and Exceptions

Team Collaboration to get work done effectively with shared workspaces and dynamic team organisation.

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Email security & disaster recovery for uninterrupted business

Archival, Backup Automation, EDiscovery & Compliance for Office 365, GSuite, Zimbra, Exchange, Salesforce and others

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IT Manager
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Customer Retention Rate in high 90s
Simple transparent pay per use pricing
Measured daily. Charged monthly in arrears.
Cloud Email Service
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  • Carrier grade Business Email, Chat, Calendar, Contacts
  • Spam, Virus, Malware, Ransomware protection
  • Multi layered Security adhering to Industry cybersecurity guidelines
  • Desktop, Web and Mobile access
  • Hosted on AWS, Assured Availability, 24x7 Support
Cumulative Cloud Storage
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  • Cumulative storage pool for the entire organisation
  • Extremely durable storage to keep data safe
  • Elastic to grow automatically with your needs
  • Individual Quota control
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
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