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Cloud Email for Every Business- SkyConnect

Gain agility and cost control with a cloud-native email platform

Agility and cost control with SkyConnect
  • Cost Savings
    Cumulative storage accounts for usage variance across users and optimizes the storage provisioning saving enormously.
  • Choice
    Open for Integration - Open standards-based integration with a wide range of collaboration tools, client applications, and business applications.
  • Adaptability
    Integrate with third-party ESGs, DLPs, mail notifiers, and several other tools to define your stack. Co-exist with external cloud workspace solutions to develop cost-optimal multi-cloud hybrids.
Powerful add-ons for data protection and team collaboration
Powerful add-ons for data protection and team collaboration- Vaultastic
Back up your critical email data, manage your ever-growing mailbox storage with cloud-native data protection.
Powerful add-ons for data protection and team collaboration -Ideolve
Share files, organize ideas and initiatives with note-based team collaboration.

Email is critical to your business; let's address your concerns

Cloud-native platform built on AWS, and for AWS with in-built disaster recovery.
Cumulative storage, choice of free and paid clients, zero management, maintenance all add up to reducing costs substantially.
Data Protection
Add-on Vaultastic to back up your critical email data and benefit from the on-demand discovery, improved compliance postures and reduced data loss/tampering risks
Multi-layered shared security model provides bullet-proof protection of your service and data IN the cloud against all modern data cyberattacks.
Leverages the reliability of the cloud and In-built disaster recovery to deliver a guaranteed uptime, commercially backed by an SLA.
Team Productivity
Add-on Ideolve, the team collaboration platform from Mithi to enable secure file sharing and contextual conversations on ideas and projects to drive up team productivity.
Data encrypted at rest and in transit, a firm privacy policy, and robust measures to ensure data security and privacy can help you rest easy.
Easy Integration with Business applications via open/standard Protocols and APIs to help you create new experiences for your users.
Complete lifecycle support directly from the OEM with tools for ticket tracking, a knowledge base to help you find solutions instantly, and a 24/7 helpdesk to ensure you get help when you need it.

Do more with SkyConnect integrations

Protect & manage data, power team collaboration, automate your business flow, and more
Integrations in SkyConnect to build new experiences
DIY - Users can easily access their archival email vault from within Baya.
Easily & automatically import/export email data in PST/EML files or from/to active mailboxes, Learn more.
Securely share email messages and files with response teams and collaborate to drive action/closure. Learn more.
Email security gateway built into SkyConnect.
Active Directory
Easily integrates with your Active Directory for single password authentication.
Microsoft 365
Setup a seamless hybrid solution with MS365 and bifurcate your users across both solutions to optimize costs. Learn more.
Google WorkSpaces
Co-exist with Google Workspace to enable you to leverage multi-cloud and optimize expenses up to 60%. Learn more.
Schedule, launch and manage your Zoom meetings from within Baya.
Baya. integrates with Converse to quickly switch to chat conversations with your team.
Automate User Provisioning and Management
Automate your business flow via Zapier IMAP/SMTP Integration. Learn more.
Integrate with hundreds of business applications via the IMAP/SMTP interface.
Cisco Secure Email
Get robust and effective threat protection
Prevent threats from compromising your business, data, and employees.
Trend Micro
Stop phishing, malware, ransomware, fraud, and targeted attacks from infiltrating your enterprise

Stay Assured with Skyconnect

High consistent performance boosts your productivity
Adaptive by design
An architecture that auto-scales with varying load delivers consistent performance to ensure uninterrupted access for your users.
Guaranteed at multiple points
The SkyConnect platform provides SLA-backed uptime, extreme data durability, spam, virus, and false positives, all maintained within warrantied limits for peace of mind.
Built-in Disaster Recovery
Built-in redundancy and alert supervisory processes ensure dial tone service quality to deliver rock-solid reliability.
Multi-layered shared security model protects against malicious actors
Multi-layered shared security model
A secure-by-design security model offers rock-solid defense against all modern data cyberattacks to keep you at ease.
Add-on compliance support capability
Add-on Vaultastic, tamper-proof and discoverable archival repository to ensure Compliance Readiness.
Adherence to crucial security & privacy standards
The Mithi cloud platform aligns to the GDPR norms, CSA guidelines, RBI, SEBI, and IRDAI guidelines, amongst others, to keep your data safe and private in the cloud.
Open, fully managed, portable ensures dexterity for your organization
Open Architecture
Built on open data standards and an open architecture for easy extension and Integration
No Data Lock-in
Assured Data Compatibility and Portability and backed by a friendly data-exit policy.
Zero Maintenance
Fully managed SaaS implies Zero hardware at your end, Zero management, and Zero maintenance.

Uninterrupted business communication flow

Secure, Reliable, Elastic, cloud email
Benefit from a cloud-native platform
Benefit from a Cloud-native platform
Robust protection against Spam, Viruses, Ransomware, phishing, spoofing, and malware. Granular identity, access management, and authorization controls. Learn more.
11 9's data durability and in-built disaster recovery deliver on industry-leading RPO and RTO objectives.
On-demand scalable compute, storage, and other resources cater to millions of requests, ever-growing storage demands, large mailboxes, and heavy mail flow.
Cross device access to apps on SkyConnect for a productive UX
Any device access to applications
Compatible with popular productivity apps, business applications, directories, and mail servers.
Accessible via a wide range of free and paid apps and browsers on desktop and mobile devices. Learn more.
Integration & User Management
APIs enable easy integration with your HRMS and ERP platforms.
Mithi’s complete life cycle support eases end-to-end management of the service
Get help on-demand
Complete LifeCycle support
Solution Consulting, Free Trial, Automated Provisioning and Data Migration, Online Support, and Ticketing ensure you get help right when needed.
Comprehensive documentation
An online knowledge base and deep FAQs ensure you get the appropriate help to enable a speedy resolution to your queries. Take me there.
24/7 helpdesk
Access to email and phone support assure you of expert help when you need any assistance to get our work done. Learn more.
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The Stake Holder Benefits

Delivering on the expectations of all stakeholders across the organization

Priority: Managing Customer Experience, Trust and Relationships, Change, etc.

  • Unbroken Customer Experience: High availability, durability, and dependability leading to lower downtime and disruptions.
  • Managing Change: Easy adaptability to meet changing needs of the enterprise.
  • Ensuring Trust and Managing Relationships: Highly secured and reliable mailing system for greater trust in business communications.

Priority: Managing Costs, Risks, and Resources.

  • Managing Resources: Upfront savings in email infrastructure cost enable more productive IT budget use
  • Managing Risks: High availability and in-built security features in email Infrastructure ensure near-zero downtime and security breaches
  • Managing Costs: Ability to co-exist with other mailing systems and use open data standards ensure easy migration and continuing freedom to choose.

Priority: Managing the IT Strategy and ROI Assessment.

  • IT Strategy: Open data standards and a web service interface provide an easy framework to expand and integrate with third-party applications or Common Directory Services.
  • ROI Assessment: Built-in features like Anti-spam, Anti-virus, Firewall, Mail Server, WebMail, Directory Server, etc., at no extra cost. Due to open data formats, you encounter lower effort and expense of scaling, archiving, retrieval, and data migration than proprietary systems.
IT Manager

Priority: Managing Complexity and Performance.

  • Reduced Complexity: Easier implementation and management through automation and DIY interface.
  • High Performance: Built-in, anti-spam, anti-virus filtering, disaster recovery ensures continuity of messaging service, While centralized controls for mail policies, user configuration, monitor server performance, etc., making it easier and cheaper to manage the enterprise email service.

Priority: Cross-device Personal and Group Productivity Applications

  • Personal Productivity: Compatible with popular desktop and device apps like MS Outlook, Thunderbird, Apple Mail, etc.
  • Accessibility: Responsive Web client to access your mailbox calendar contacts tasks from any device.

Reduce Risk, Gain Agility, Optimise Cost across the life cycle of your Digital Communication System.

As your use of digital collaboration grows, you encounter new challenges in data management, security and productivity. We can help.
Vaultastic : Data Management platform for enhanced data protection; compliance readiness and improved access. LegacyFlo : Email Data Migration to low cost cloud storage or Data Management platform. Automatic. Reliable. Scalable. SkyConnect: Hybrid and stand alone email solutions to improve perforamance and optimise costs. Clrstream: Enhance security & provide disaster recovery cover for uninterrupted business. Ideolve: Move to Team Collaboration for Improved Visibility, and Quicker Response. Increasing Security Concerns and Security limitations of the Existing Business Email System. Growing Costs and/or performance Concerns of the Existing Business Email System. Growing data volume and data protection risks. Increased compliance and data management risks. Drop in Team Productivity due to Cluttered Email Inboxes. Inability respond or collaborate rapidly and effectively on critical tasks and initiatives.

Simple transparent pay per use pricing

30-day free trial. No credit card required. No strings attached.
Cloud Email Service
starting at
  • Carrier grade Business Email, Chat, Calendar, Contacts
  • Spam, Virus, Malware, Ransomware protection
  • Multi layered Security adhering to Industry cybersecurity guidelines
  • Desktop, Web and Mobile access
  • Hosted on AWS, Assured Availability, 24x7 Support
Cumulative Cloud Storage
starting at
  • Cumulative storage pool for the entire organisation
  • Extremely durable storage to keep data safe
  • Elastic to grow automatically with your needs
  • Individual Quota control
  • Comprehensive usage reporting
Learn more about the features in the service
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